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More and more companies are looking to expand to markets beyond their national borders. Statistics show that very few succeed! Success will be realized by those companies that refuse to be limited by their local experience and expertise as they confront the global marketplace. Many obstacles must be overcome before success is achieved. These include language barriers, government regulations and tax requirements, demands for technical and other support for products and services, new back office systems, and many more.

Typically, however, the greatest barriers to expansion are to be found within the expanding company itself. These obstacles can include an inappropriate business model, a limited understanding of the competitive landscape and markets, a lack of suitable business processes and discipline, and even inadequate attention to employee programs during times of corporate change. Identifying and correcting the deficiencies in a systematic and timely manner is critical. The time and resources saved are often the difference between failure and success!

Each company and business endeavor is unique. Even so, the path to long-term business success demands that certain steps and processes be understood and implemented. Business structures that do not contribute to the attainment of the corporate goal, or worse yet, those that are detrimental to the business, must be eliminated.

At Ander Lippin, we tailor our systematic approach to each client. We are able to identify and eliminate poor and inadequate business practices, while introducing necessary business fundamentals, thereby ensuring that your selling proposition stands out and gets noticed!

While there is no universal, one size fits all answer for all companies, the correct solution can be found for each company. We are confident that we can help you find the right solution!

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