Many companies are eager to join the global marketplace and grow their business. Significant opportunities exist, yet most businesses are not successful in making the transition because their vision is often obscured by the local conditions. They are not prepared for the many obstacles they encounter: different languages, government regulations, international order fulfillment and support, and others. We remove the barrier of the unknown for companies entering new markets!

Ander Lippin works closely with our clients in providing business analysis and process implementation. We specialize in identifying strategic markets and preparing and deploying our clients’ sales and marketing strategies. Our business relationships are based on the mutual trust that allows us to approach each client’s needs in a personal and hands-on manner. Our strategic focus is computer software developers and other IT-focused companies.

We provide:

With our broad knowledge of the local markets, we advise potential investors in the Czech and Slovak markets to identify business opportunities and choose the right business partners.

We help our clients crystallize their requirements and their goals, thereby shortening the time needed to prepare for new markets and minimizing costs. By taking a hands-on approach, we do more than consult. We work directly with your team to ensure the correct implementation of your strategy.

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